2008 - 2016

The company‘s 150th anniversary is celebrated by the shareholders and employees.

Installation of a lathe for pin machining and a 5-axis controlled CNC heavy duty lathe Ø 1,680 x 15,000 mm with drilling unit and power-driven tools.

Installation of an additional machining centre for surface contouring of corrugated and checker plate rolls.

2008 – 2009
Installation of a CNC-controlled roll lathe and a honing machine.

1991 - 2007


Purchase of a 5-axis processing machine.

Expansion of the factory premises by 2,580 m2² through purchase of the Walzenweg 79 industrial area with office building and production hall (formerly Schrauben Schmidt).

2004 – 2006
Modernisation and expansions of various grinding, turning and boring lathes.

Expansion of the factory premises by 3,000 m2² through acquisition of the Walzenweg 81 industrial area with building (formerly Büromöbel Gerlach). Subsequent expansion/conversion of the existing hall.

The fourth CNC-controlled roll grinding machine is put into operation.

1995 – 1998
Installation of various new machines, among them, a heavy turning lathe, a large roll lathe, a boring and milling machine and a peripheral boring machine.

125 years of Breitenbach: dedication of hall and company anniversary are celebrated.

2 additional CNC-controlled roll grinding machines Ø 600 x 5,000 mm + Ø 2,500 x 15,000 mm are installed.

1947 - 1990


Construction of an additional hall with 40 t + 25 t crane capacity.

Construction of a new dedusting unit.

The second large CNC-controlled roll grinding machine Ø 1,100 x 9,000 mm goes into operation.

Construction of an office building.

Construction of a new hall connecting to the employees‘ facilities.

Construction of a production hall for the first large CNC-controlled roll grinding machine Ø 2,000 x 8,000 mm. A milestone in the precision machining of large rolls.

Construction of new employees‘ facilties.

Splitting of the company into a holding company, Breitenbach Co. KG, and an operating company, Leonhard Breitenbach Walzengießerei und Dreherei GmbH.

1958 – 1973
Additional construction projects for expanding capacity, among them, extension of the foundry and turning shop.

After World War II, resumption of operation with 15 employees.

1866 - 1939


1912 – 1939
Expansion of the capacity by constructing and converting various buildings, such as roll storage, turning shop, foundry, washrooms, locker rooms and social areas.

Construction of the company‘s own roller foundry with 2 reverberatory furnaces (approx. 12 t) und 2 cupola furnaces (3.5 t each).

Entered in the commercial register of Siegen as Leonhard Breitenbach, Trupbach. Offene Handelsgesellschaft (‚Partnership‘)

The Breitenbach brothers purchase the shares of Heinrich, Carl and Friedrich Schleifenbaum.

Takeover of the Trupbach ironworks and the grinding and turning works by the brothers Leonhard, Gerlach Heinrich and Wilhelm Breitenbach. Co-ownersare Heinrich, Carl and Friedrich Schleifenbaum.