Heat transfer and chill rolls, polishing rolls

are used for heating, cooling and smoothing of all types of sheet products.

The more exact the temperature control and the shape of the rolls, the better the properties and the quality of the product sheet.

  Heat transfer and chill rolls Polishing rolls
Diameter 100 – 2,000 mm 250 – 800 mm
Roll body length 300 – 5,000 mm 300 – 4,000 mm
Material mild steel, heat-treatable steel,
stainless steel
mild steel, forged steel
Design single shell,
double shell with
– displacement body
– multiple helical passages
– counter flow passages    
double shell with helical passages,
peripherally drilled
Coating without coating, chrome, nickel,
rubber, PUR, ceramics, tungsten carbide,
anti-adhesive coating    
chrome, dehydrogenized
Surface cylindrically ground or ground with crown,
mirror polished
Rmax < 0.025 µm
Precision TIR and geometrical shape
0.005 mm
TIR and geometrical shape
0.003 mm
Special features manufacturing and inspection according
to pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC
body hardened