Coating and doctor rolls, printing cylinders

are used for coating, painting and impregnation of e.g. plastic film, paper, textiles, fleece materials and metal.

The more precise the grinding of the rolls, the higher the precision for dosing the quantity to be applied.

  Coating and doctor rolls Printing cylinders
Industry various production of metal packages
Diameter 220 – 600 mm e.g. 328.7 mm
Roll body length 300 – 4,000 mm e.g. 1,090 mm, 1,155 mm, 1,280 mm
Material chilled cast iron Tuk 00, mild steel chilled cast iron TR 120
Design solid,
solid casted
Journals cast on,
made from steel – shrunk in,
made from steel – welded
made from steel – shrunk in
Coating chrome, ceramics, tungsten carbide without coating
Surface cylindrically ground, polished ground with crown and polished
Precision TIR and geometrical shape
0.002 mm
Special features grinding in mounted bearings and
housings possible, tempered rolls
roll body sharp-edged