Sustainable in use!

By reconditioning we mean the repair of your rolls, shafts and other components. It is a sensible replacement for a new acquisition. By reconditioning worn barrel surfaces or bearings seats, or by replacing entire journals, the roll or other rotationally symmetrical components are brought up to date. Your advantage is the modernization of your system with an increase in productivity, but a significant lower cost.


Measuring of TIR and geometrical shape with automatically measuring systems

Grinding of rolls at ambient temperature

Hot grinding of rolls at operating temperature

CNC-grinding cylindrically or with crown, hollow, special shapes

Grinding in mounted bearings and housings

Coating with e.g. chrome, nickel, ceramics, tungsten carbide and anti-adhesives

Polishing of chrome plated rolls up to mirror quality

Fluting of rolls

Milling of bulb and checker designs

Three-dimensional milling on 5-axle-machining-centres

Internal cleaning and rinsing of rolls

Dynamically balancing in two-planes

Repairing of bearing seats by means of chrome plating or with thermal spray coatings

Repairing of journals and changing of journals

All kinds of repairs of rolls

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